Three men, ages 39, 44, and 51, are in police custody after ranks found a quantity of marijuana, two guns and ammunition during an operation at Calabash Creek, Canje, Berbice yesterday around 14:30hrs.

Police confiscated 4.5 kilogrammes of cannabis sativa and two 16-gauge shotguns with 12 cartridges.

Ranks on patrol duty in the Canje Creek were in the vicinity of Calabash Creek when they observed a purple, white and orange wooden boat with two males acting in a suspicious manner.

The ranks then stopped the boat and a search was carried out, where a white salt bag containing three bulky plastic bags wrapped with transparent plastic tape were found. Same were opened, and contained a quantity of cannabis leaves, seeds and stems.

The suspects were told of the offence committed and cautioned. They both replied saying “Officer give meh a chance is a lil hustle”.

They were then arrested and placed in the police boat.

On the said date about 15:40hrs, the said ranks went to a house at Canje Creek, East Canje, Berbice where they saw the 51-year-old male, a cash crop farmer, also acting in a suspicious manner.

The ranks conducted a search in his presence and found a Stevens US-made 16-gauge shotgun without a number about four feet away from his bed. A further search was conducted which unearthed one Russian made 16-gauge shotgun along with 26 12-gauge cartridges.

The firearm and cartridges were shown to him, and he was told of the offence committed and cautioned.

He was arrested and escorted along with the two other suspects, the narcotics and firearm to the Central Police Station.

At the station, the cannabis was weighed in their presence and same amounted to 4.5 kilogrammes.

The cannabis, firearm and boat have been lodged while the three suspects were placed into custody pending further investigations and charges.


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