Five men were today charged and remanded to prison for beating to death 54-year-old Bheem Evans, called “Lyio” of Number 11 Village Squatting Area, West Coast Berbice (WCB), last Saturday.

The accused have been identified as: Brian Evans, called “Black Boy”, a 22-year-old man of #11 Village, WCB; Ryan Dhanraj, 27, of Block D Waterloo, Bath Settlement, WCB; James David, 18, of #12 Village, WCB; Samuel Vanbrook, called “Chucky”, 22, of Waterloo, Bath Settlement; and Leeward Chung, called “Boysie”, a 22-year-old from Bath Settlement.

They appeared at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Mr. Peter Hugh, where the charge was read to them. They were not required to plea and were remanded to prison.

The matter was postponed to December 8, 2021, for report.


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