His Worship Ubraj Narine, Mayor of the City of Georgetown, continues to express his concern with the current policy of implementing landfills to deal with domestic and commercial waste.

Mayor Narine requests that the Government engage with stakeholders to implement a National Solid Waste Plan, which will guide the disposal practices of Municipalities, Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and Village Councils in a collaborative approach to ensure safe disposal of waste.

He highlighted that as Guyana continues its transformation and development with the oil and gas sector there will be an increase in waste production from commercial and domestic activities, as well as directly from the oil and gas industry.

He stated, “Modern countries are moving away from landfills which contribute to significant negative impacts on the environment. The organic material in landfills decomposes and methane gas is released as experienced in the old Mandela Landfill which was a health hazard to residents and a constant threat to property in the community”. He continues to raise awareness on the issues of leaching and the contamination of surface water and drains of nearby water sources at the Haags Bosch landfill.

He also expressed concern about diseases and other adverse health effects, such as respiratory illnesses and cancers which studies have shown are linked to exposure to landfill sites.

An updated National Solid Waste Management Plan is necessary to guide institutions on proper disposal strategies and provide a platform for engagement to inform Government policies on the construction and maintenance of these facilities to limit the negative environmental and human impact of waste disposal. At the current rate of production, the Haags Bosch landfill would no longer be able to accommodate the garbage produced in 10 years, the Mayor said.

He added that the council stands ready to support such a collaboration to ensure Guyana moves away from the landfill culture to protect the environment and citizens.


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