Several persons close to the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) have told Guyana Standard that it is highly unlikely that the party’s new leader will be anyone other than Joseph Harmon.

Sources say Harmon’s victory is not perceived because it is deemed the will of voting members. “Indeed, he has some support. He has the support of some of the big wigs, the clique. But many casual members want the party to change course, we want our party to become a force again. But we know that a win for him is a continuation of Granger’s way. They were steering the ship together.”

Another PNCR card holding member, who spoke on the grounds of anonymity, told Guyana Standard, “This is our reality; a Harmon supporter is controlling the Secretariat. Whoever controls the Secretariat controls the election. There is no way she is going to allow anyone else other than Harmon to become the leader.”
When asked who is likely to be Chairman, the member said, “I cannot say with certainty. That may be the toss. But there is a strong possibility that whoever is the runner-up in the race for leadership, that person may be appeased with chairmanship. That is how it goes sometimes.”

Guyana Standard understands that the incumbent Chairman of the party, Volda Lawrence has thrown her support behind Aubrey Norton for the leadership position while General Secretary, Amna Ally has thrown her weight behind Harmon.


  1. Now we will see even more fireworks.
    Harmon sees racism in everything, even the colour black. And Ramjattan will be pleased to be again part of this evil segment of society.


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