Ranks attached to the Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) are conducting investigations into a shooting incident that occurred at South Amelia’s Ward, Linden on December 01, 2021, where Marlon Brewster, 36, was shot by the police during efforts to arrest him.

On December 01, 2021, two uniformed police ranks responded to a report of alleged simple larceny of a generator in which Brewster is a suspect. When they arrived at his residence, Marlon Brewster was informed of the allegation against him, but he began to verbally threaten the ranks, the force said. It added that Brewster allegedly armed himself with a cutlass and attacked the ranks, causing them to retreat and seek further assistance.

Ranks of a Divisional Anti-Crime Patrol responded and managed to disarm Brewster. He, however, continued verbally abusing and threatening the ranks, while hurling beer bottles at them.

Brewster subsequently broke two bottles and attacked one of the ranks. He was soon after shot to his body, but managed to escape.

The shop on Marlon Brewster’s premises was searched and the stolen generator was found. Two brush-cutter machines and a stereo speaker that are suspected to be stolen or unlawfully obtained, 115 grams of marijuana and a utensil used for smoking marijuana were also found.

Marlon Brewster was later a patient at the Linden Hospital Complex, where he is under guard.


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