The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) at a meeting held on Thursday, decided that its 21st Biennial Delegates Congress will be held on Saturday 18th December 2021 and not December 11 as anticipated.

The party said that the decision was made in the interest of ensuring transparency, democracy and fairness to all its members, delegates and officials.

The development comes exactly a week after the CEC disclosed the withdrawal of Accreditation Congress Committee (ACC) members, citing conflict of interest concerns.

The CEC, in a December 2, 2021 missive, said that while it recognizes the right of Delegates to support candidates of their choice, it reasoned that a conflict of interest arose where members of the Accreditation Committee – which is responsible for selecting the delegates who would be voting for candidates – are at the same time openly campaigning for candidates of their choice.

Carol Smith-Joseph, Anette Ferguson and Ganesh Mahipaul accepted the position of the CEC and withdrew from the ACC.


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