Vincent Alexander, as Chief Elections Officer (CEO) for the People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) congress, is enjoying the full confidence and support of all three candidates for Leader of the party.

At a press conference he hosted this morning, Alexander told the media of the mechanisms he has in place for Saturday. He said that the elections machinery has been oil and activated with the concurrence of and under the oversight of stakeholders.
The CEO said that the voters’ list was prepared after much scrutiny from stakeholders. Just about 3000 delegates are expected to vote.

Alexander said that there are 13 polling stations across the country plus the virtual station in North America. There will be over 100 officials manning those stations inclusive of agents of the contestants.

Alexander indicated too that approximately 100 candidates are vying for positions ranging from leader, chairperson vice-chairpersons, treasurers and central executive members.
Voting will be between the hours of 11; 00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturday with the expectation that the preliminary results will be available “before praise and worship on Sunday,” said Alexander.
The candidates for leader, Aubrey Norton, Joseph Harmon, and Dr. Richard Van West Charles were present at this morning’s presser.

They all pledged full confidence that the “result of the election will be in accordance with the democratic expectations of the PNCR constitution” as articulated by Dr. Van West Charles.

Harmon said that the process thus far has been quite a democratic one and that sort of democracy causes nightmares for the PPP government. Norton also pledged confidence in the process. He said that he has confidence in the integrity of Alexander and his team.


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