The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) will always label electoral processes and appointments as tainted and flawed if outcomes are unfavourable to the party, says Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall. The official said that PNCR does not judge appointments and processes based on meritocracy but kinship.

In referencing the recent appointment of Vishnu Persaud as the new Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Nandlall said that there was no meritorious reason for the Opposition Leader and Candidate for PNCR leadership, Joseph Harmon to brand the selection process flawed and incredible.

Harmon, following Persaud’s selection, told the nation that the process was politicised; accusing the GECOM Chairperson of deviating from requirements the commission issued in the advertisement of the post. Harmon posited that the Chair “shifted the goalpost” to accommodate the government.

But Nandlall stressed that the government stood back and allowed GECOM to handle the appointment. “The government stayed clear, very clear of anything to do with that appointment process. GECOM as an independent constitutional body established the protocols that they will use [and} they complied with that protocol, as far as I am aware,” he said.

Nandlall posited that the PNCR will always label these processes as fraudulent not based on meritocracy but based on some kind of kinship or some kind of relationship with the appointee.

“If they do not have that, then the process is flawed? Because Mr Harmon’s nominee did not get the job, that means the process is tainted and is incredible? That is exactly the type of narrative that they constructed and continue to reiterate in relation to the elections. Because they did not win the elections, because they did not succeed in the fraud, the electoral process was illegal, was tainted, was fraudulent? That has been the story and the narrative of the PNC in relation to every election that they have lost, and concerning every appointment that they do not support,” Nandlall said.


  1. If the Chair shifted the goalpost to accomodate the PPP… good.
    Sanctimonious Gangsta Granjah actually threw away the goalpost and put his own when he wickedly appointed his own the aged fella as Chairman.

  2. It has always been and will always bee. These racist bastards see “racism” in the colour black. Power at any cost! Useless creatures.
    Give any one of them a roadside cigarette stand. Give them the money to buy one carton of cigarettes which they sell at 100% profit. At the end of the day, they made a loss. Amazing.


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