Newly elected Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Aubrey Norton has named outgoing party Chairperson, Volda Lawrence and fellow candidate leader, Dr Ricard Van-West Charles as advisors to the party. He made this announcement moments ago after the official declaration of results. These appointments, Norton explained, are provided from in the party’s constitution, and in keeping with his promise of inclusivity.

“I promised inclusiveness and the party constitution provides for advisors to be appointed. In consultation with Dr Van-West Charles, he would be made an advisor to the party,” Norton said. He added that Lawrence, as Chairperson, managed “excellently” during the “period of uncertainty”. Lawrence presided over the party during the five-month-long period that ensued the controversial March 2020 General and Regional Elections.

“Comrade Lawrence indicated that she was not going to compete for any position on the Executive, but may I also state the second advisor to the party – and not necessarily in that order – will be Comrade Volda Lawrence,” he announced.

The party is yet to name its General Secretary. Norton said that appointment will be filled following consultations with the Executive Committee. That candidate must be “people person”, “meticulous” in conduct, and approachable.

The declaration today brought down the curtains on the party’s 21 Biennial Congress that was held last Saturday.


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