The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has confirmed that there were 63 strikes in the sugar belt for 2021 that resulted in 20,000 man days being lost. The financial consequence of this situation was a loss in value to the sugar industry because of industrial action totaling G$740M.

It noted that in October 2021 (the most favourable month of the year for sugar production), there were strikes for issues that were unrelated to the operations in the sugar sector (strike for G$250,000 cash grant and strike for flood relief).

The adverse financial impact of those October strikes totaled some G$378 million.

GuySuCo reported preliminary results for 2021, in which it noted a reduction in the annual financial losses despite unprecedented flooding in the sugar belt this year with record breaking rainfall.

Pre-audited production results are reported at 58,025 metric tonnes (MT) in 2021 compared to 88,890 MT in 2020.

The Corporation said it has met all the needs of the local market for 2021 despite losing some 35% of the standing cane for the 2nd Crop of 2021 as a result of the flood.

At Albion, where 50% of the production was programmed to be made, the mortality rate for the standing canes planned to be harvested for the 1st Crop of 2022 is estimated at 80% due to the floods.

On the Berbice Estates where more than 77% of the production is made, the rainfalls in 2021 were 72% more than the previous year.

The Corporation drained some 4.5 million tonnes of water off the land daily during the 65 days of flood which is enough water to fill 2,000 Olympic sized swimming pools.


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