Pursuant to an ongoing investigation of murder committed on Deon Charles in Albouystown on 24th December 2021, the suspect Ezekiel Hawker, called “Alpha”* for whom a wanted bulletin was issued, was arrested on Wednesday 27th December 2021 by law enforcement officials in Suriname. Those officials were informed by Guyanese investigators that the suspect had fled the jurisdiction in an attempt to evade capture.

As a result of the collaborative efforts, Hawker was handed over by the officials from Suriname to our local investigators who promptly arrested him and placed him in custody.

Subsequently, the allegation of Murder committed on Charles was put to Hawker and he admitted to committing the act, under caution.

Charles told investigators that he shot and killed Deon Charles, who had previously shot him on two occasions, after seeing him on Christmas eve night on James Street, Albouystown.

Investigators also have in custody the driver of the motor car which transported the suspect to and from the scene. He is also cooperating with the detectives.

The probe is ongoing and upon completion, the case file will be sent for legal advice.


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