Ron Loncke, 26, was found dead in his Circuitville, Timehri, East Bank Demerara home yesterday around noon. His decomposed body was discovered lying face down on his bed, by a 53-year-old carpenter, Decius Mundo.

Enquiries disclosed that Loncke lived alone in a small shack, measuring about 10 feet in width by 10 feet in length. According to his father, 51-year-old Ron Loncke Sr., his son suffered from epilepsy and was last seen alive on Monday.

Preliminary reports indicate that Mundo was passing the area and observed the door open. He stopped to check on him since he had not seen him for several days. As he approached the building, he was greeted by a foul scent emanating from the house. He subsequently observed the bloated body on a bed, in a state of decomposition.

There were no signs of breakage or forced entry and everything in the interior appeared normal, the police said today. Also, there were no signs of struggle or marks of violence seen on the body.




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