Princes Town Corporation chairman promises to deal with illegal rubbish dumpers - Trinidad Guardian
Chairman of the Princes Town Regional Corporation, Gowrie Roopnarine (Trinidad Guardian photo)

Chairman of the Princes Town Regional Corporation in Trinidad and Tobago, Gowrie Roopnarine is pleading with the authorities there to end the ban which prohibits families from utilizing open air pyre cremations for the funerals of persons who were COVID-19 positive at the time of their death.

This call comes off the heels where the majority of the cemeteries in the Princes Town Region are almost filled to capacity with only a few more burial spots remaining available. Two cemeteries are filled to capacity while the others are filled to seventy five percent (75%) of its capacity. If this situation persists, there will be little to no more spaces left at the cemeteries in the Princes Town Region, Roopnarine said.

He is urging those in authorities to assist the Regional Corporation with this troubling situation which continues to escalate as the pandemic persists by ending the ban on Open Air Cremations. This, he opined, will give families another option when planning funerals for their deceased loved ones and it will ease the burden on the Corporation by reducing the speed at which burial spots are being filled.


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