See below a statement from the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) regarding the recent arrest of Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) and Talk Show host, Sherod Duncan:

The People’s National Congress Reform strongly condemns the unwarranted and unlawful deprivation of the rights and freedom of Member of Parliament, Hon. Sherod Duncan.

Mr. Duncan was summoned by the police to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) this morning for questioning in connection with a cybercrime probe.

The Party is calling for an immediate end to this season of politically inspired harassment by the PPP. We will not allow this type of harassment of former public servants or any citizen by agents of the state to stand. This must stop. We are calling on all Guyanese to join us in strongly condemning this abuse of state power and the persecution of innocent citizens.

The PNCR stands firmly with Mr. Sherod Duncan and will do everything to ensure that his rights, especially his freedom of expression to be no longer violated. The Party demands an immediate investigation into what is clearly a planned, coordinated and orchestrated political attack.


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