President Irfaan Ali revealed this week that a special company called “One Guyana” would be established to manage the production of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Graduates from the Guyana School of Agriculture are to be the shareholders in this company.

Ali made this disclosure during the launch of the Agricultural and Innovation Entrepreneurship Programme at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre. There, the President explained that the project would see government investing in materials to build 25 shade houses for the production of the foreign grown vegetables.

Ali was keen to note that a portion of the oil revenues would be used to back the project. He stressed that this is the kind of local content the government envisions as opposed to narrow minded views that oil must only be linked to building fabrication industries for example.

The President said this project represents the beginning of the sustainable opportunities that would be created for the oil industry.

Ali said the initiative will hopefully wipe out the $2.6B importation bill Guyana racked up for broccoli, carrots and cauliflower in 2021 alone.

Ali said, “This is the plan that we have and the work now begins. If there is any negative energy from anyone, I implore you to drop out. Those of you who wish to be part of it, refute any negative energy against this project; energy that would try to damage the image of this transformational project; reject nonsense when you see it and hear it. I am depending on you, I am with you shoulder to shoulder on this new wave. This is the new Guyana we are building.”


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