A 25-year-old hire car driver of Scottsburg, Corriverton, Berbice is now nursing injuries sustained from an altercation that occurred yesterday about 19:45hrs at his residence.

Police are reporting that Veeraj Singh and his 25-year-old sister Jashoda Singh called “Devya” had an altercation due to her threatening their mother earlier in the day. He alleges that when he upbraided her, she started to pelt him with bottles and he retaliated by picking up a mop stick which led to a fight between them.

Another man identified as Rajendra Bhagratti of No. 58 Village attacked Veeraj with a knife which caused him to sustain injuries and he was subsequently rushed to Skeldon Public Hospital for treatment. He was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

Police say his condition is serious. Both Jashoda Singh and Rajendra Bhagratti have been arrested and are in custody assisting with the ongoing investigation.


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