Phase one of the geometric improvement project along Vlissengen Road has been completed. The $42.6 million project is aimed at improving access for pedestrians. The first phase of the project runs from the roundabout to Barr Steet and was executed by Vieira 66 Logistics. The area has been paved, has adequate drainage, is painted and outfitted with street lights.

The second phase of the project which will continue from Barr Street and end at Lamaha Street is still in the design phase. This phase will also see the installation of seats from the roundabout to Lamaha Street.

Once the design is completed, the project will be subjected to a public tendering process.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, during a recent visit to the project said it will enable recreational activities for all age groups, as it showcases the lighter side of development the government is undertaking.

“You will see a full concrete walkway, eventually with lights, at sections, down seats for sitting. From the edge of the road to the walkway, we will be doing an earthen shoulder for the encouragement of the growing of grass. Eventually what you will have, is a big open space that at any one time, you can host a major activity,” he said.

Government is developing several safe, family-oriented spaces. The plot of land along the Lamaha Corridor between Main and Camp Streets is being transformed into an art gallery and food court. The Kingston Seawall beautification project is moving apace and Durey Lane, Campbellville is being transformed into an avenue (Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information)


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