See below a press release from the Government of Guyana following the recent discovery of ammunitions aboard a Guyana-flagged vessel in Senegal:

The Government of Guyana wishes to assure all concerned that it is in no way connected or related to the dubious entity known as the International Maritime Safety Agency of Guyana (IMSAG), or its principals and/or their affiliates.

There was an undertaking with the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) which was immediately brought to a halt following the discovery of the fraudulent representations and illicit conduct of these entities. Therefore, we wish to alert all stakeholders – national, regional and international, as we have previously done, that this cabal is neither a representative of the State of the Republic of Guyana, nor the Guyana Flag.

The fraudulent issuance of registration under the Guyana Flag is a deliberate criminal design to sully the good image of our country which our government has worked tirelessly to rebuild and maintain, and we will not condone it. No effort will be spared to ensure that this nation continues to enjoy good relations and the highest regard with the international shipping community.

We view the protection of our national interest as sacrosanct, and therefore, our government is taking all necessary steps to ensure this rogue enterprise led by a Captain Suniel Kumar, and those associated, are appropriately dealt with in accordance with the law. The Guyana Police Force is actively engaged in this matter, and together with Interpol, is working to ensure that these miscreants are brought to justice in accordance with the applicable laws and that all illicit activities, and fraudulent representation of our country, are swiftly brought to an end.

We further assure that the Guyana Flag remains one of confidence, and all matters relative to the registration of ships are handled by our duly authorised national personnel, only.




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