The Guyana Elections Commission and the Supreme Court of Judicature have received the highest allocations for 2022 in the $11.7B budget for Constitutional Agencies.
Both agencies are poised to receive $.2B and $3.5B respectively. The recommended subventions for the 11 other Constitutional agencies are as follows: Parliament Office – $1.8B, the Audit Office of Guyana-$1B, Public and Police Service Commissions – $159M, Teaching Service Commission – $124M, the Office of Public Prosecutions-$238M, Office of the Ombudsman -$56.9M, Public Service Appellate Tribunal-$68.3M, Ethnic Relations Commission-$171.5M, Judicial Service Commission -$10M, Rights Commission of Guyana $130.8M and the Public Procurement Commission -$199.8M .
The foregoing sums outlined in a motion presented to the National Assembly on Thursday by Senior Minister with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh recently presented a motion to the National Assembly for approval of recommended lump sum subventions for Constitutional Agencies for 2022. The subventions total $11,729,840,000.
The motion will soon be reviewed by the National Assembly during a comprehensive review of the current and capital expenditure outlined for budget 2022 which totals $552.9B.
Budget debates are slated to commence on January 31, 2022.


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