By Staff Writer

When it comes to transforming Guyana’s productive systems for crops and livestock, the vision of Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha goes way beyond the mere increase of the numbers. His vision is one that will see a legislative and regulatory revolution for the sector he has served for decades.
During his recent address to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) and World Health Organization’s (WHO) five-day workshop for the assessment of the Guyana national food control systems, Mustapha said headway is being made in bringing his vision into a reality.

He said, “This year we’ll also see a revolution in the legislative framework of our country in strengthening the legislative agenda with the objective of establishing a sound and comprehensive national and regional legislative framework for plant and animal health, food safety, and fisheries. Model bills, protocols, measures, and guidelines were developed recently through extensive consultations with various stakeholders.
“Presently, we are looking at amendments to strengthen the Food Safety Bill, after which, it will be taken to the National Assembly for consideration,” Minister Mustapha disclosed.

Further, the minister said that Guyana has partnered with international agencies and other stakeholders to develop three additional regulations aimed at moving Guyana’s food system forward.
“We’ve also collaborated with the Inter American Institute for Corporation on Agriculture (IICA) and other stakeholders to develop three additional pieces of legislation so that we can strengthen our local food system.”

The Minister said those regulations are the Aquaculture Regulations to accompany the Aquaculture Bill; the General Plant Health Regulation; and the Crops and Livestock Registration, Identification and Traceability Bill.
Once the foregoing is realized, Minister Mustapha assured that Guyana would have the platform that is required for transformational growth in the sector.


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