According to Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson, APNU+AFC Members of Parliament have no merit upon which they can stand to criticize the PPP government.


Ramson believes this to be the case because, as he sees it, APNU+AFC’s record is smeared in stagnation, corruption and incompetence; while, PPP boasts progress, “clean hands” and sound polices.


This was essentially the core of Ramson’s presentation as he stood in the National Assembly today to defend Budget 2022.


Referencing the failed Durban Park Project, SARA’s failure to fullfill its mandate, the barbershop scandal, the pig scandal, the bangles and bedsheet scandal, Ramson’s mantra was, “You can’t criticize us.”


Ramson said that even in opposition, APNU+AFC cannot seem to get its affairs in order. He noted that for the first time in decades, Guyana’s parliamentary opposition is without a leader. He said too that the APNU+AFC cannot even seem to honour its vow to mount weekly protest action. Ramson claims that this and other facts hit home the reality that APNU+AFC is weak in and out of government.


He told the House that the PPP’s superiority is demonstrated in many areas of governance including its handling of the oil industry.


Ramson posited that the PPP has proven that it can be trusted as it has made good on an overwhelming percentage of its promises reflected in the manifesto and is well on its way to covering fulfilling all before the beginning of its next term in office.


The Minister referenced PPP’s aggressive land distribution drive, its support for sugar workers and the marked increase in the amount of money to be distributed to each child school age child under the Because We Care initiative.


Closer to his portfolio, Ramson said that the PPP continues to prove, more and more in each Budget just how much it cares for the youth of Guyana.

Ramson noted that billions have been set aside for the training of the nation’s youth.


He said money for training and development of youth have been set aside under allocations of several ministries including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Service, Ministry of Labour and of course Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport.


Ramson said culture will not be left behind as $1.3B has been set aside to support arts and culture.

Further, he boasted another $2.2B allocation to be plugged in sport. He said that huge sums have been used and will continue to be used for government’s ground enhancement programme.


Ramson said that with the $5.6B allocated for the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, the PPP continues to prove that it is interested in the well being of the youth, the largest section of the population.


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