The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) is reiterating its position that a refreshed voters’ list is necessary before the hosting of the overdue Local Government Election (LGE).

Funds have been allocated in the 2022 Budget for the hosting of this electoral process this year.

According to the party, billions of dollars to GECOM, do not cater for a plan to clean the voters list.

“The PNCR wishes to emphasize that free and fair elections pre-suppose a voters list that is clean and has the confidence of the Guyanese people. We do not believe that continuous registration can clean the voters list and restore the confidence of the people of Guyana. In this regard, the PNCR wishes to place on record that we do not envisage a free and fair election without a clean voters list.” the party said in a statement earlier today.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira, in defending the allocation of $4B to GECOM this year, said that it is up to the commission to determine matters relating to elections.

The PNCR said that GECOM must commit to producing a voters list that is clean, amid concerns the party raised during the pre and post March 2020 General and Regional Election that the list was inaccurate and resulted in phantom voting.

To this end, the Party intends to shortly hold discussions with its coalition partners and, secondly, to seek a meeting with GECOM. At that meeting, the party said it will clearly articulate its position on the above demands and will work with all stakeholders to ensure that all the contentions are addressed and resolved, paving the way for credible elections.


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