Delivering welcome remarks at this morning’s opening of the Agi-Investment Forum and Expo, President Dr. Irfaan Ali restated his commitment to put all efforts into helping Caricom achieve its goal of reducing the Region’s food import bill by 25 percent by the year 2025.

President Ali chronicled a number of successes Guyana has already secured by increasing production in several areas of Agriculture including an increase in brackish water shrimp from 200,000 kilograms to 1.2million kilograms in just a year.

Importantly, the President indicated that Guyana is looking to venture into quite a few non-traditional agricultural productions. Amongst these are wheat.

The President noted the increase in wheat prices and the shortage of wheat that comes as a direct result of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Dr. Ali said that Guyana has started research to ascertain the feasibility of planting a variety of wheat grains to service its national then regional needs.

Indicating that trails are already ongoing, the President said that preliminary results are already showing great promise.


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