The Alliance for Change (AFC) has not formally notified the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) of any intention to pull out of the coalition. At least, this is according to the Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton.

The AFC and the APNU coalesced in 2015 to end the 23-year rule of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C). The Coalition went on to lose the controversial 2020 General and Regional Elections to the PPP/C amid allegations of rigging.

Several days ago, media reports surfaced that the AFC is mulling a departure from the bloc when the Cummingsburg Accord expires in December this year. The party has, however, not stated definitively if it will depart, leaving a breeding ground for speculation. The governing PPP/C, on the other hand, in a Facebook post, said that the potential pullout would be inconsequential since the composition in the House will remain unaffected, at least until the next election.

During a press conference today, Norton noted that only some “elements” in the AFC are talking about leaving, conveying the impression that the AFC may be divided on the matter. The Opposition Leader was quick to add that it is only logical that there are differences when parties coalesce.

“The AFC has not said officially to us that they are pulling out of any coalition. There are different elements in the AFC that are talking. As far as I know, we had a cordial meeting yesterday and we agree on some joint things…The reason people come together in a coalition is because they represent different interests. And as you represent different interests, you will have different positions. But there are positions on which you coalesce and organise to achieve your objectives. We are doing that,” he said.

The Opposition Leader added, “It is foolish to believe that a coalition is some unified arrow pointing straight at the target and would go straight to the target without deviation. Anyone who takes that approach, seems not to understand coalitions. Coalitions will always have differences [but] it is a question of how we manage them,” the PNCR leader said.


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