Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha was firm today when he announced that there is no shortage of sugar in the country. The minister said this to the media as he made reference to the announcement by President Dr. Irfaan Ali to the effect that the New Guyana Marketing Corporation will be selling sugar in most regions across Guyana.

Earlier today, the President posted this message on his Facebook page. “My brothers and sisters, I have heard your concerns about the availability and price of sugar in Guyana. To this end and to avoid price gouging, the Guyana Marketing Corporation will be selling sugar at $150 / pound for packaged and $140/ pound for bulk. Beginning on Thursday, 21 July, we will be selling sugar at this price at the following market locations:

REGION 2: Charity and Anna Regina

REGION 3: Parika, Leonora, Vreed en Hoop and Wales

REGION 4: Diamond, Bourda, Mon Repos and Mahaica

REGION 5: Bushlot and Rosignol

REGION 6: New Amsterdam, Port Mourant and Skeldon

REGION 10: Linden

When Mustapha spoke to the media, he expressed confidence that the country has “enough” sugar for all consumers.


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