To further demonstrate its commitment to the protection of children, the government has announced that it will be launching a ‘night care’ programme for children to be in a safe space whilst their parents or guardians are at work. In addition to the foregoing, the government will also move to train 1,100 persons in child-care services in the second half of the year.

Further to this, the government said it will continue to focus on the reunification and reintegration of children into safe family settings. The mandate it explained is to provide a family for every child that needs one. To complement this programme, Guyana Standard understands that 56 parents received capacity building for improved parenting skills in the first half of 2022, while in the second half, 90 parents are expected to benefit. During the review period, 47 percent of children affected by child abuse who were placed in formal care (institutional and foster care) were reunified and reintegrated with families.

Additionally, the government’s Community Advocate Network established 15 partnerships to support child care and protection. In the first half, 47 community partners were trained to identify child abuse and work with vulnerable families.

Further, in collaboration with two Child Advocacy Centres supported by the government, 2,191 reported child abuse cases were investigated, and 80 children who were placed in safe houses, received support services during the review period.

The foregoing was outlined in the government’s 2022 Mid-Year Report


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