A police constable is now under close arrest after he allegedly released a man accused of attempting to shoot a woman at a food court in Albion, Region Six three days ago.

According to reports, the suspect became involved in an argument and a subsequent scuffle with a woman at the establishment when he pulled out the firearm from his pocket. The woman then raised an alarm and the crowd dispersed. She managed to escape amidst the confusion.

By then, the security guard who was stationed in the upper flat of the building was alerted by the commotion. He proceeded downstairs with his 9MM pistol and discharged a warning round in the air.

The suspect, who was still in the crowd, dropped the firearm and escaped. The pistol and two rounds were recovered and handed over to the police.

After extensive interviews, the Guyana Police Force managed to nab the suspect and took him to the Rose Hall Police Outpost. There, he was ‘sent away’ by the constable.

Both the identities of the suspect and the cop have not been revealed to the media.


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