The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) at its statutory meeting held on Tuesday, appointed Beverley Critchlow as Assistant Chief Election Officer (ACEO).

In a statement, GECOM said Critchlow’s appointment emanated from a transparent process that involved all of the Members of the Commission, i.e. one in which all Commissioners were availed of the opportunity to interview all of the shortlisted candidates and, thereafter, indicate their respective choice to fill the position.

In this regard, having heard the submissions of all of the six the Commissioners relative to the candidate of their respective choice for the position of ACEO, Justice of Appeal (Ret’d) Claudette Singh, Chairperson of the Commission concluded that Critchlow’s qualification and experience, as well as her institutional knowledge, placed her at an advantage above the other candidates.

The newly appointed ACEO was employed with GECOM for 20 years and acted in the position as ACEO on multiple occasions, the most recent being 2017-2019.

The experience she garnered in the field of registration and electoral processes; having worked in different areas including but not limited to the registration of eligible non-resident persons, non-resident balloting, overseeing the operations of 29 Registration Offices and Sub Offices, preparation of Official Lists of Electors (OLE), extracting names of members of the disciplined forces from the OLE, make her eminently qualified for the post.


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