Three ex-prisoners yesterday benefited from the government’s “Fresh Start” Initiative programme.

Lawrence Rambarran was the recipient of a complete kit of carpentry tools and equipment. Terrence Barker received a comprehensive welding kit, while Michael Powley was the beneficiary of a complete weeding set.

At the presentation ceremony held at the Prison Headquarters boardroom, Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot said that the Fresh Start programme is dedicated to reducing criminal recidivism by helping individuals with felony convictions gain access to resources and to provide the necessary motivation for success when reintegrating into the community.

The Prison Head also noted that the programme not only addresses the needs of ex-offenders transitioning from incarceration back into society, but it also gives former offenders a chance to chart their own professional paths.

“So, the focus is to help ex-prisoners concentrate on self-sustaining activities with the hope that they will enable to make an income and become marketable,” Elliot said.

The ex-prisoners were considered for the “Fresh Start Toolkit” based on a number of qualifying criteria while in prison, which included participation in training programmes, conducting reviews, family support, and a post-release plan.

The programme is under the auspices of the Guyana Prison Service.









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