Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo said the project is part of government’s master plan for the infrastructural development of the city, while improving traffic flow.

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo addressing the gathering at the stakeholders’ consultation

“We have to work with what we have now and if we had a different option that is to lay out a planned city, we probably would’ve done many things differently. But the reality is that the country is growing fast….and so, we have to find solutions to meet the needs of our community, that respect the nuances of some communities. So, that we don’t change them totally, yet at the same time, fulfill this responsibility of providing more access to people and to avoid the congestion. The master plan for the development of the city.”

The Vice President was speaking at a consultation spearheaded by the Ministry of Public Works, on Monday night at Delhi Street. The event aimed to ensure residents are aware of the details surrounding the project, while addressing their concerns.

Works on the project is divided into two lots and was awarded in August. Lot 8 A of the project is being executed by S. Jagmohan Construction and General Supplies Inc., to the tune of $$1,066, 358,738.

Lot 8 B was awarded to Trinidad company, Kallco Guyana Inc., to the tune of $830,293,458.

The project which begins at Conversation Tree corridor is approximately 1.9 kilometres from the East Coast Demerara Highway and will connect to Dennis Street. It will also be linked to Sheriff Street from the Dennis Street corridor.

Works on the project will entail the construction of a four-lane carriageway from the East Coast Highway to Delhi Street. A double lane carriageway on the reserve west of Delhi Street for north bound traffic.

A section of the gathering

Additionally, works will see the implementation of concrete revetments between the East Coast Demerara Highway and Railway Embankment, and concrete drains on both sides of the proposed roadway between railway embankment and Delhi Street. Construction of two large concrete bridges to establish connection to Dennis Street is also part of the works.

Further, culverts will be constructed in the area to mitigate flooding.

In this regard, VP Jagdeo said plans are in the pipeline to construct concrete drains throughout Georgetown.

The Vice President further highlighted that once the road is completed traffic volume will increase. However, residents were urged not to be alarmed, since the project has been thoroughly assessed with the benefit and safety of the citizens in mind.

To this end, VP Jagdeo said the project was designed specifically for traffic control which will see a different speed limit from the highway being implemented in the targeted communities.

Meanwhile, the Vice President said major thrust has been to reduce traffic congestion through the many infrastructural programmes, over the last two years. This includes the construction of a four-lane highway from Mandela to Diamond bringing major relief to 80 per cent of Guyanese, while cutting travel time in half.

In addition, the government has awarded another project for a four-lane road from Sheriff Street to Mahaica that will be completed in 28 months. Another contract was awarded to do a bypass from Ogle to Eccles, which the VP said will  provide Guyanese 12 lanes or alternate routes into the city.

“We need to utilise the existing space that we have so we build infrastructure that will bring greater comfort to the commuting public and we have to do this in a manner that does change communities radically… We are convinced that this is a necessity, it has to move the country forward.”

Public Works Ministers, Bishop Juan Edghill and Deodat Indar, Senior Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister, Charles Ramson, Human Services and Social Security Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud among other officials, were also in attendance. (Extracted from the Department of Public Information)


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