Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) the Honourable Mark Phillips today credited the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector for creating the impetus for innovation, growth and advanced service to Guyanese consumers.

During a press conference held at GTT’s new Ocean View Executive Conference Area in the Pegasus Suites and Conference Centre, the Senior Government Official said that it was this drive that helped GTT’s Fibre Service achieve a milestone.

“Government is happy to receive the announcement of the extensive fibre-roll out efforts conducted by GTT to ensure the reliable connectivity of Guyanese while strengthening the communities they serve and fostering innovation within the telecommunications sector of Guyana.”

The Prime Minister, who also holds the ministerial portfolio for the telecommunications sector in Guyana, underscored the expansion.

“Today, we see a shining example of that through the initiative by GTT in its fibre roll-out campaign, which saw the recent connectivity of 2,800 homes, bringing their total to over 100,000 homes connected with their service. This show of initiative and genuine consideration for the needs of our people aligns perfectly with our Government’s commitment to modernising Guyana’s infrastructure, including its utility services, to support a flourishing economy.”

He also emphasised the importance of ICTs as he announced that the Government is developing an ICT master plan that will significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of Guyana’s public and private sectors.

Expounding further, the Prime Minister spoke to the need for further collaboration between the Government, stakeholders and investors.

“What is evident is the need for continued partnerships to ensure the development of the ICT sector of Guyana and our Government stands ready to support initiatives such as we see here today.”

Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Home Solutions and Fixed Networks, Mr Eshwar Thakurdin, who led GTT’s press conference, said that the company is honouring its commitment to improving internet quality in order to reliably connect its customers and provide the right ICT climate to support the Government’s development agenda.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) of GTT’s Business Solutions, Mr Orson Ferguson; Chief Operations Officer (COO) of GTT’s Mobile Business Unit, Mr Richard Stanton; Senior Manager – Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Ms Jasmine Harris and Communication Specialist, Mr Shaquelle Williams were also present at the press conference. (Extracted from the Department of Public Information)


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