On Tuesday last, between 18:50hrs and 20:30hrs, a party of police ranks conducted an intelligence-led operation at the home of a Port Kaituma residence, during which, a quantity of narcotics was recovered.

Marvin Pillay, a 47-year-old taxi driver who is also from Grove Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara, was subsequently arrested.

The police team, on arrival, contacted Marvin Pillay at the front of the house and requested to conduct a search of his living quarters.

Marvin Pillay agreed to the search which was done in his presence. The ranks unearthed a brown cardboard box containing a black plastic bag. Inside the bag were two transparent plastic bags which contained cocaine, a quantity of cash, several zip-loc bags with blue, pink and green pills.

A further search of the box unearthed a quantity of pinkish-redish pills and transparent zip lock bags containing whitish crystal.

Further checks were made inside the building and the ranks found on a shelf, a white plate with more creamish, rock-like substance suspected to be cocaine.

Cops also found a yellow plate with cannabis leaves, seeds and stems.

Pillay was told of the offence committed, cautioned, and then escorted to the Port Kaituma Police Station.

The cocaine weighed 239.6 grams, the 139 pills amounted to 115.9 grams, the crystal substance recorded 63.5 grams, and the cannabis weighed 4.4 grams.

In addition, four cellular phones with three Digicel Sim Cards, a Tin Certificate, Driver’s License, a National Identification card, a Hire Car license and GY$42,790 in cash were found in a black hand bag.

Pillay was later placed in custody pending charges.


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