Midas Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), a call centre which opened its Linden, Region 10 branch last year, was pleased to announce that it will soon have a staff complement there of 250 persons by 2023. This announcement was made on Thursday when the company celebrated its one-year anniversary.

During the celebration, Senior Finance Minister Dr Ashni K. Singh delivered the feature address. He said it was a privilege to join Midas BPO on the important occasion of its first anniversary and extended greetings on behalf of President Irfaan Ali.

The minister said the government will continue to support the industry and will ensure that an environment conducive to employment in a number of sectors will be fostered. He said this will be the case for the BPO sector in particular which employs large numbers of young people while simultaneously having the capacity to also employ other persons who can work from home, such as single mothers.

In fact, the Finance Minister explained that government will support any investor who wishes to invest and create employment in all of the 10 Regions of Guyana which he noted will be supported by President Ali as part of his “One Guyana” vision.

Dr Singh lauded Midas BPO’s founder Malcolm Sobers on the Call Centre’s employment of 70 persons currently as well as an additional 25 who have already been hired on the spot since Midas BPO’s job fair which commenced yesterday.

Sobers during his address said by next year it is expected that 250 Lindeners will be employed at the Centre, adding that daycare facilities will also be in place to accommodate children of staffers.

Guyana Standard understands that Midas BPO’s founder Malcolm has approximately 20 years of experience in the Call Centre industry both in Guyana and Belize. He was a young Guyanese who started out his career as an employee in a Call-Centre himself.


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