The APNU+AFC says over 600 Lindeners have been removed from the government’s social assistance programme.

With such a move, the Coalition contends that the government is deliberately setting out to “impoverish” opposition strongholds.

“When the APNU+AFC came to power there were about 200 persons on social assistance. The Coalition government increased to 800. The PPP in this predominantly African Guyanese community, placed eight non-Africans on the Board who removed 600+ persons from social assistance,” the party said today.

“The PPP is so hypocritical that when they visited Victory Valley, they did not want the people to raise the social assistance issue in the public domain so they chose a group to engage a Minister directly.

While they are seeking support they are at the same time destroying the very people they are seeking support from.”

The party had also accused the government of firing 20 members of staff of the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade thus putting them on the breadline.

It added that Patient Care Assistants are being fired “daily”.

The Coalition said also that since the government refused to disburse monies to a pro-Black rights group, many workers attached to the Mocha Farmers Market had to be sent home.



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