The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Guyana on Thursday inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Planet One Agro Ventures Limited, thereby making way for the development of several integrated farm services centers countrywide.
Once established, the centers will seek to improve Guyana’s agro-productivity as well as farmers’ processing capabilities.
Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha, who signed the MOU on behalf of the government, said that the agreement, to some extent, makes way for a more modernized sector, which he added, was in keeping with the government’s plan for the sector.
While giving some insight on the project scope, Minister Mustapha said that the company will be responsible for delivering solutions geared at empowering farmers through the establishment of farm infrastructure development.
“This entails the designing, building, and or construction of industrial standards infrastructure to host processing units, specialized agriculture and laboratories for agriculture research and development among other things. They will also look at the procurement and supply of farm mechanization tools and equipment, crop productivity equipment which includes equipment for soil laboratories, as well as equipment for bio laboratories for biofertilizer and pesticide equipment for ITC laboratories,” he explained.
Minister Mustapha also said that the MOU will allow for the empowerment of farming communities.
“When these centers are set up, farmers within those areas will benefit from technological transfers. They will be able to improve their farming skills while benefiting from technology software development, training, and capacity-building programmes,” he added.
Over the next six months, Planet One Agro Ventures Limited is expected to prepare a detailed project plan, as well as an implementation strategy and a financial proposal, after which both parties will move forward with the project which is expected to be in operation before the end of November 2024.
Planet One Agro Ventures Limited forms part of the Planet One Group of Companies which serve as a potent vehicle for farmers to step up and achieve their production targets. Its service centers provide farmers with access to agricultural know-how on modern farming techniques and storage practices.


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