The Ministry of Health has made available at least 20 training programmes for Guyanese to prepare for the developments in the health sector.

Minister, Dr Frank Anthony said the government is seeking to improve health care delivery and quality of service countrywide.

“If we are expanding the health sector in this way, we will need to have people who are going to work there, the easy thing that we could do is find the money, build the building, and buy the equipment, but we have to find people to work, and we got to train people to work and that’s why we are on this drive, to train more people, get more people properly qualified so that they can come into the health sector.

He said the training programmes will help persons to make informed career choices.

“While we are training you and you are going to start working in this area, we want you to start thinking about a career and a pathway on how to further develop yourselves.  We don’t want anybody to come into the health sector and get stuck at one level, we want you to start mapping a career pathway in health so that you could get right up to the top, and there will be many, many opportunities to do so,” the health minister said.

By the end of the year, a booklet will be compiled outlining the many training programmes offered by the ministry including areas such as nursing, pharmacy, community health work, biomedical and lab technology, among others.

The training will be done in every region using various teaching methods, including online training.

Training programmes will also target doctors in leadership.

The minister said persons entering the health sector must have the right attitude and be empathetic to the needs of the people they serve. “We train you and you become a catalyst for change in the system, if you have the wrong attitude and if you think that the patient is not important, then you are in the wrong place, so we have to serve the people coming to us as if they are our family and our relatives and we want them to get the best service possible,” the health minister noted. (Department of Public Information)


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