See release from the Alliance for Change:

On the occasion of our 17th Anniversary, the Alliance For Change (AFC) wishes to re-commit itself to the founding principle of the total transformation of Guyana and bringing an end to racial politics.
We salute our leaders, members and supporters in all regions of our beloved country for seventeen years of service to the citizens of Guyana and for supporting a social contract of inclusion and good governance.
Since our formation on October 29, 2005 as a political organization, we have consistently promoted the idea that Guyana’s advancement is intertwined with its ability to unleash the true potential of our people. As such, we have always believed that our diverse citizenrys economic, social, and political development must be based on the principle of social justice.
We were established on the predominant philosophy that the racial politics of the past must be eradicated, and a new set of political precepts, electoral and constitutional reform, be promoted to lighten our path to prosperity.
As part of the coalition government, we advocated and promoted policies to create an egalitarian society based on democratic principles aimed at giving every citizen a chance at a good life. Our policies were and remain people-focused, which encouraged the centrality of the family and community in developing the Guyanese persona. In our short but sterling political history, we achieved a lot in changing the landscape of our country in health, agriculture, infrastructure, housing, education, tourism, telecommunications, ethnic cohesion, and international relations opening the country to 21st-century business opportunities.
Lest we forget, Guyana has had a horrible history of racial tension, victimization, political intimidation, extra-judicial killings and corruption. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a return of these atrocities on our people and the breakdown of civility and cooperation.
As we take pride in our achievements as part of the historic Coalition Government, the AFC, as an independent political entity, will continue to defend the accomplishments and, if necessary, seek cooperation in protecting our people’s interests at home and abroad.
The AFC will continue to build on our internal political structures and prepare ourselves for the next phase of our political journey. We are pleased with the outcome of our recently concluded national conference and the election of the new leadership.
Today, we can declare with confidence that we are here to stay! So join us on this journey.


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