While the Guyana Police Force is expecting an increase in criminal activity during the Christmas season, it is forewarning shoppers and businesses to take precautionary measures against criminal elements.

For its part, the Force said its Christmas Policing strategy is expected to focus on not only crowded districts but also entertainment spots and highways. It will also seek to ensure road safety is upheld by drivers and commuters. Its holistic approach is aimed at reducing the usual increases seen over the years in several categories of crime and traffic.

The plan also involves 24-hour surveillance on foot and mobile patrol in all sectors in Georgetown, East Bank and the East Coast corridor. The idea is to thwart as many criminal elements as possible. The”The Force has also promised that there would be limited backup of traffic due to random stop and searches.

The City’s Divisional Commander Simon McBean explained that the plan of action will begin on November 15 and will conclude on January 15, 2023. He added that the division will be divided into sectors. These sectors will also see visible mobile, marine, vehicular and mounted patrols.

“We plan on heightening intelligence-led operations and also heightened focus on noise nuisance at residential places and businesses. Special emphasis will also be placed on security management at entertainment and public events during the season.” McBean said.

He noted that the Division will not work in isolation. Infact, the Joint Service and Officers from the City Constabulary will also form part of the policing posture. He added that while the force is expecting a peak in crime activity, all angles will be looked at to prevent as many crimes as possible.

“This year we saw a decrease in several categories of robbery this year and we want to make sure that it stays this way for the rest of the year. We encourage everyone to be cognizant of their surroundings and be cooperative with the police this season.”


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