More in-house training and a robust public relations programme are on the cards next year to enhance the functionality of Guyana’s largest opposition party, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR). The Party Leader, Aubrey Norton has stressed the importance of these strategies in his party’s bid to secure a victory at the next general election expected in 2025.

He was keen to note that while these planned programmes are critical for ensuring success at the poll, they depend heavily on financial resources and time.

“I think one of the things I’m not happy about is that I’m not able to much education and training in terms of leadership in the party, and it’s something in my plan next year I intend to intensify. I mean, it’s really dependent on financial resources, but it is also dependent on you having the time to do it. And I need to focus on allocating some more time so that we can do some more education and training first at the leadership level and then the wider political training that is necessary to ensure an efficient and effective party,” he said during an appearance on the “Advancing the Cause & Politics 101 Linkup” show last night hosted by Member of Parliament (MP), Coretta McDonald and Political Activist, Dr David Hinds.

The leader added that while public relations have been good under his leadership, there is room for improvement. “I think we have improved, but I am focusing next year on ensuring we have a much better public relations programme leading up to the next elections. Public Relations are critical and they inform perception, etcetera. Therefore, I think there is a need to focus a lot on the question of public relations,” he noted.

Norton, who will soon commemorate his one-year anniversary as Party Leader, said that he is satisfied with the organisation’s efforts in outlining a clear vision for Guyana. According to him, this was made possible by the restructuring he undertook after winning the leadership position at the party’s last internal election held in December 2021.

Upon assuming office, Norton said that he was faced with a number of challenges, which prompted him to “rebuild the party from the base”. He added that party representatives had to be mobilised in areas where no functioning agents were present.









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