Police have concluded that there was no foul play or marks of violence on the body found under the bridge of a Brickdam place of business on Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that the body of a male between 45-50 years, clad in long black pants and a multi-coloured jersey, was discovered in a drain under a concrete bridge in front of Schuler and Gomes Optical Service at Lot 71 Brickdam and Winter Place Georgetown.

Dr Don Gomes told detectives that on Tuesday, at about 08:00hrs, he was at home when he started to receive a pungent scent from under his bridge.

Dr Gomes said the following day, the smell had not dissipated. He reported the matter to the police who subsequently arrived and began investigating.

Police say that the body was removed from under the bridge and examined, but no mark of violence was seen. No foul play is suspected either.

Ranks from CID Headquarters processed the scene. The body was then escorted to Georgetown Public Hospital, where it was pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor.

The body was then escorted to Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, waiting to be identified and a post-mortem examination to be conducted.


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