The Alliance for Change (AFC) is of the view that a six-figure take home salary will suffice for public servants and workers in the private sector. Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan said that with Guyana’s current economic state, the 8% across the board increase is insufficient.

Ramjattan said, “It is another meager, miserly increase, and maltreatment meted out to public servants. It is dismissive of our hardworking policemen, nurses, teachers, and other public servants’ cries for a piece of the pie; and, it is a perpetuation of its disdainful treatment inflicted during its previous terms in office.”

When asked by the Guyana Standard as to what the AFC feels would have been a sufficient increase, Ramjattan said that at least $150,000 would go a long way to cushion the effects of high food prices.

“They (government) used the argument that they cannot afford it; and then doled out pittances. Every year the Coalition Administration from 2015 to 2020 delivered substantial increases. There is no excuse this time around that the coffers are empty.” Ramjattan said.

Ramjattan added, “The Inflation rate, which is estimated to be over 10% this year and even more last year, has eaten into the income of public servants, and hence superior increases, rather than 7% 2021 and 8% in 2022, is that what our public servants deserve?”

The AFC suggested that an across-the-board increase widens the gap in income inequality among the various salary scales. The party added that an increase in salary should be nontaxable.

“During our tenure in government, no increase in salary was taxed. If the increase is taxed, the actual percentage increase is reduced to 5.12%.

It is clear that the PPP government really and truly does not care about our public servants and in general the workers of our nation,” Ramjattan said.

Meanwhile, when asked by this news outlet about the possible consequences of selectively raising salaries, starting with the join services, as announced by President Irfaan Ali, Ramjattan opined that the move could see public outburst if not carefully discussed.


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