The Alliance For Change’s decision to boycott the 2023 Local Government Elections (LGE) will not affect its support base says Party Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.

Currently, the AFC has several members who sit in regional offices and all municipalities thanks to the partnership with the APNU. With its decision to not contest, those seats will be up for grabs come next year. The party however is confident that its support will remain loyal to its cause.

When asked by Guyana Standard about the possible effects the decision could have on its campaign in the 2025 General and Regional Elections, Ramjattan said, “We have a principal position about a list that is so illegitimate and padded. We feel that holding onto principled positions is going to enhance the support base of the people within our party.”

He added that with its plan to restrategize after its exit from the coalition, the party will not face certain adversities moving forward with regard to its decision. “We are a party that is generally multiethnic and not as polarized as the other major parties and that is the issue in this country,” Ramjattan said.

The AFC Leader noted that the party’s track record while in the coalition has been proven to its support base. He cited that before the AFC joined the coalition, it had contested elections independently.

“And that is what has created this party and that is what is going to get it going and maintain its relevance as a third force in the country. The recent poll from the Turkeyen institute indicated that the PNC and PPP are close together, 43.2 and 43.4 and we are 7.8. We are going to work hard on getting back double digits,” Ramjattan said.

Meanwhile, Ramjattan acknowledged the comments from columnists and political figures about the future of the AFC. He reiterated that while the comments come from what he called a “place of concern”, there is no need for panic. “It’s because we have a relevance and they are scared,” Ramjattan said.


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