Close to 250 residents of Burma, Region Five were allocated residential house lots earlier today, at the ‘Dream Realised’ Housing Drive hosted by the Ministry of Housing and Water – Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA). The exercise was held at the MARDS, Complex, Burma Road.

The activity was led by Minister of Housing and Water, the Hon. Collin Croal and a team from CHPA, with attendance by Regional Chairman, Mr. Vickchand Ramphal, Regional MP, Mr. Faizal Jafarally and MARDS-General Manager, Mr. Bindrabhan Bisnauth.

Before the commencement of the allocation exercise, Regional Chairman-Mr. Ramphal lauded the Ministry’s effort in delivering serviced lots to persons who have been waiting for years. He noted that the activity has been long in the making, as the commitment was made since 2020 but after much planning persons can now start the first phase of their homeownership process.

Also, on the occasion Minister Croal spoke of the efforts made to make the exercise a reality. He noted that while there was an initial plan for a scheme in the Burma area, these plans were abandoned post 2015, leaving residents in limbo. The Minister further stated that after assuming office in 2020, this plan was revisited and the scheme will soon be realised. He however called for the new allottees to be patient as the budgetary allocation for the necessary infrastructure work will be provided for in the 2023 National Budget. The new scheme is located east to the existing housing scheme and east of the main access road to the Burma Housing development. This scheme provides for residential, residential-commercial, industrial and other land use purposes. More importantly, the development caters for four residential income categories; low, moderate, middle and high-income lots. Lands in the new development have also been earmarked for a recreational facility, and other social and infrastructural facilities.

According to Minister Croal, while these allocations are being done the Ministry is simultaneously working on matching those with infrastructure development as a means of ensuring occupancy in those new schemes. On this note, a call was made for contractors who have been tasked with executing these works to honor their obligations in a timely manner. He also outlined other development plans for the region including the upgrading of water infrastructure. Over the past two years, the sum of $80 million was expended on infrastructure projects in region 5, benefitting some 1,615 residents. (Extracted from the Department of Public Information)


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