Gafoors Manufacturing Complex has been ordered to make several changes with regard to its Operational Health and Safety posture following the death of one of its employees back in August.

The Labour Ministry had launched an investigation immediately after the death of Delivery Clerk, Cindy Jattan who died when a storage rack collapsed on her. Two other employees were injured. That investigation has been completed according to Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton.

Minister Hamilton expounded that during the investigation, it was found that there were design flaws. Hamilton said that usually, storage racks usually have an indicator showing the maximum capacity. There was not any visible evidence of its capacity, according to Hamilton.

“There was also no evidence to show that the strength and quality of the rack had been tested and if it was suitable enough to hold or carry the weight of the materials. Further, there was no record to show that inspections or maintenance of the rack was done at any time,” Hamilton said.

While the structural integrity of the rack came into question, there was also the absence of a joint workplace safety and health committee functioning or any record to verify the existence of such. Minister Hamilton said that no safety or health talks were held with employees before or during work hours.

The findings of the investigation were handed over to the business and a number of recommendations were made. The investigation team recommended that the capacity of the storage rack be placed in a visible location.

It was further recommended that the capacity of the rack should not be exceeded at no point and all racks must possess front-to-rear support.

The ministry also mandated that the strength of these racks be tested to determine if they are suitable to hold the weight of the materials stored.

“Records are to be made available to show inspections or maintenance of the racks by a qualified and competent engineer, who must verify the structural integrity.” The Minister said.

“In addition, a rack inspection maintenance programme must be implemented throughout the facilities,” the Minister shared.

In addition, the company was asked to establish a functioning joint workplace safety and health committee with records to verify its existence.

“A timeframe was given for the company to comply with the recommendations that were made. In this regard, the OSH Department will be following up with the company to ensure that there is compliance with the recommendations which were made,” the minister said.


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