The Guyana Government was put on blast this evening for dragging its feet in addressing recorded instances of “paranormal” activities at dorms in Region Nine.

Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) and former Indigenous Region Nine leader, Vincent Henry, said that the dietary conditions could be responsible for the supernatural events. He said that to date, the government is yet to issue any plans to resolve the matter.

“There is a very big problem in Region Nine dormitories, which may be directly [influenced] by the dietary [supplies] given to the students and other factors… The problem there is that the children are suffering from low sugar count, and because of that, all sorts of paranormal activities are happening there,” Henry noted.

He added that the matter is a serious one and lambasted the government for doing little to bring about an end to the events.

“There has not been a statement from the Ministry of Education saying what are the root causes and how they could be solved. I have [ideas on] how it can be solved, but this is not a place for it now,” the Indigenous MP said in the Committee of Supply.








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