Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine has threatened to take legal action against the government, accusing it of not consulting with the City Council prior to the hosting of government events in the nation’s capital.

In a Facebook post today, the Mayor said that the government “continues to trespass on the City’s property”. He said that the government’s “One Guyana” concert was held within the precinct of the City without the courtesy of involving the Council.

He wrote: “I have written to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jnr. on the hosting of events in the city and the lack of engagement with the elected Municipal Authority on these matters. As is usual, the event which speaks to unifying our country divides it with the same breath, since not even an invitation was extended to the Office of the Mayor of the City of Georgetown.

The Mayor added, “he Council notes the continued violation of Chapter 28:01 specifically the posting of bills (billboards) which are erected around the city as well as hosting events within its boundaries which include roads and avenues. Despite efforts to rectify this in the interest of working together, the Honourable Minster has unfortunately failed to engage, which therefore leaves the Council with no other recourse but to engage the courts.”


  1. Why consult with Ubraj Narine when he is a stooge of the PNC?
    He is a Pandit but does not represent East Indians nor other humans.


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