The Opposition members attached to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will take proceedings public if government members continue their apparent boycott.

Yesterday, the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) said that government representatives absented themselves for the third consecutive meeting and the sixth since quorum alterations were made.

According to Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Ganesh Mahipaul, the government fears that its alleged transgressions in the Auditor General’s reports would come to light, hence their apprehension to participate in the meetings.

Asked if his party would be using its social media and other reaches to highlight these findings, Mahipaul responded in the affirmative.

He said, “That is exactly what we will have to do, and that is what our exact move will be. The Public Account Committee members on the opposition’s side will meet, we will go public, and we will invite all viewers even the media will receive an invitation and we will expose what was unearthed by the Auditor General…If there is a need for us to name, shame and blame people attached to the People’s Progressive Party in the act of corruption, we will have to do just that.”

The PAC is tasked with examining the audited accounts, as presented in the Auditor General’s Report, showing the appropriation of sums granted by the National Assembly to meet public expenditure and such other charges laid before the Assembly as the Assembly may refer to it. It also exercises general supervision over the functioning of the Auditor General in accordance with the Rules, Policies and Procedures Manual and any other law.


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