As members of the teaching profession get set to hear their salary increases from the current administration, the Guyana Teachers Union has registered its displeasure with the government’s refusal to honour its multi-year agreement for increases.

Following the hosting of the GTU’s General Council Meeting on Tuesday, Union President, Mark Lyte explained that the advocacy group had attempted to bargain with the administration when it was elected into office back in 2020. He noted that what is more “disrespectful” was the government’s move to increase salaries without consulting the union.

“I wish to say that in all these instances, we have received no response from the various ministries, and it is an indication of the manner in which our teachers have also been treated,” the GTU President said.

Lyte also pointed to the increase in salaries for other public sector professionals. He outlined that the 8% increase for public sector workers will only see teachers taking home a “meager” increase.

“We have seen the farmers, we have seen the fishermen, we have seen recently disciplined forces, we have seen the nurses, but no mention of our teachers, and we boast about improved performances…. And this is worrying because if the teachers of this country are putting Guyana on the map when it comes to CSEC and CAPE performances, why can’t our teachers be given our due award and respect,” Lyte noted.

Mr Lyte also questioned the non-appointment of the Teaching Service Commission. He said what is worrying is that without the commission, the Ministry of Education is now appointing junior teachers; a function that the commission had in its remit. He also pointed to the stalling of promotions for teachers.

“We have seen no promotion for teachers and many of those persons who are eligible for promotion have had to retire without being awarded that last promotion that would have an impact on their gratuity and their pension per year. The absence of a commission indicates that teachers would have the processing of their documents stymied,” Lyte said.


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