The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) said it will have to find replacements for its General Secretary and Treasurer as the current officeholders have decided to part ways with the opposition faction.

This was announced by Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton yesterday.

Norton was at the time responding to questions about the resignation of General Secretary of the PNCR Geeta Chandan-Edmond. The Opposition Leader told the press conference that discussions are already underway for her replacement.

Norton also disclosed that the current Treasurer, Faais Mursalin has signaled his intention to leave his post by Friday.

“In the case of the Treasurer, he is an elected member of Congress. In the case of the General Secretary, the General Secretary is appointed by the Leader. Now my approach to these matters has always been to consult with people, to find a person who is acceptable to most, if not all of our party,” Norton said.

He further stated, “The first General Secretary appointed by me, I consulted. We agreed on the criteria we will use. We did that. On this occasion we continue to consult. And I believe before the new year dawns, there will be a General Secretary appointed. If not before the new year, very early in 2023.”

Norton was quick to dispel suggestions that the resignation of the two members was because of a “racial bias”. He noted that while both members have resigned, they still share a good relationship with the PNCR.

“The PNC has always been a party in which all ethnic groups are welcomed to serve. It is predominantly an Afro-Guyanese party, I think the world knows that, but when it comes to involvement of people in decision making, regardless of your ethnic group you are involved,” Norton said.

He further said, “I would not worry about what conclusion or perception has been created. I always remind people that a lot of the people saying the leader does not accommodate Indians, I want to remind them that the campaign manager and the person who supported Winston Murray as an Indo-Guyanese to become the leader of this party, his name is Aubrey Norton.”

Chandan-Edmond reportedly submitted her resignation last week. Prior to her resignation, she was on leave of absence. Mursalin won over 400 votes in the party’s internal elections in December of last year and was appointed Treasurer.




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