After more than 24 hours in custody, the girlfriend of murdered businessman Shimron Adams confessed to police that she was aware that her long-time lover had intentions of harming Adams.

A source close to the investigation revealed that the incident stemmed from the triangular love affair that was ongoing between the now-dead man, his girlfriend, and the man whom she’s shared an intimate relationship with for the past six years.

The source said that following the revelation from the woman, along with the details provided in surveillance footage, police have arrested Andrew Ridley, who is no stranger to the police, as he is also wanted for another murder committed recently.

A 9mm Taurus pistol and matching rounds were also recovered from where Ridley was arrested. The weapon reportedly matched the one used the night of Adams’ murder.

The source said that a few days ago, Ridley came across photos and videos of the woman and Adams together and quickly became infuriated by the discovery. The woman told detectives that Ridley promised to “sort out” Adams if she did not end their relationship.

The woman told detectives that she pleaded with Ridley to leave Adams out of their squabble, but Ridley insisted that Adams had to be dealt with. She recounted that Ridley kept her phone for several days before returning it to her on Boxing Day.

The woman told detectives that she did not take the threats from Ridley seriously, especially since he returned her phone and everything seemed normal. The woman however met Adams later that evening at his bar where the two spent the night.

At the close of Adams’ business on Boxing night, the woman said she recognised Ridley and one his friends approaching her and Adams with the gun. She told detectives that she became scared and complied with their demands.

The woman said that she was placed on the ground and watched as Ridley began to take Adams’ jewellery and other items including his bag which reportedly contained cash.

She explained that Ridley and his accomplice were easy to recognise. She told detectives that Ridley began physically assaulting Adams, asking him questions about their plans for the evening. She told detectives that Adams became angry after realizing that she knew the two men and a scuffle ensued after Ridley attempted to take Adams’ bag.

She confessed to not revealing the foregoing information on the night of the murder since she feared she would be killed.

Adams was killed on Boxing Night by two men, who entered his place of business wearing face masks. He was shot twice in the abdomen.


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